EPA Director Decision - Licence Amendment22/06/2021224Kb
EPA Technical Amendment - Refusal - Email to Licensee21/06/20211267Kb
EPA Technical Amendment - Refusal - Inspector Report21/06/2021487Kb
EPA Technical Amendment - Refusal - Request Further Information21/06/202125Kb
EPA Director Decision18/06/2021224Kb
EPA P1087 FD Newspaper Notice29/04/2020153Kb
EPA Web Notice FD Issued P1087-0129/04/2020155Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - Circulation of Register to Local Authori28/04/2020219Kb
EPA Notification to Planning Authority Register 13028/04/2020335Kb
EPA P1087-01 Licence Register28/04/2020181Kb
EPA Final Determination24/04/20203553Kb
EPA Final Determination - Board Extract24/04/2020168Kb
EPA Letter to Submittor - FD Issued24/04/2020172Kb
EPA Notification of FD to Submittor24/04/202092Kb
EPA Notification to Applicant Final Determination24/04/2020598Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - FD Issued24/04/2020178Kb
EPA Technical Committee Report24/04/2020231Kb
EPA Notification to Sanitary Authority re Objection15/01/2020115Kb
EPA Notification to Sanitary Authority re Objection15/01/2020229Kb
EPA Notification to Sanitary Authority re Objection15/01/2020337Kb
EPA Notification to Applicant Objection Acknowlegement14/01/2020267Kb
EPA Proposed Determination - Newspaper Notice12/12/2019147Kb
EPA Board Extract - Proposed Determination06/12/201946Kb
EPA Inspectors Report06/12/2019976Kb
EPA Notification to Applicant Proposed Determination06/12/2019528Kb
EPA Notification to Planning Authority - Register06/12/2019229Kb
EPA Notification to Planning Authority - Register06/12/2019336Kb
EPA Notification to Planning Authority - Register06/12/201954Kb
EPA Notification to Submitter - Proposed Determination06/12/2019112Kb
EPA PD Issued – Notification - Specified Bodies06/12/2019187Kb
EPA PD Issued – Notification - Submitters06/12/2019182Kb
EPA Proposed Determination06/12/20193653Kb
EPA Recommended Determination06/12/2019691Kb
EPA Notification to Applicant Compliance Notice 6021/10/2019202Kb
EPA Notification to Applicant Compliance Notice EIA 4021/10/2019337Kb
EPA Reg 10 Notification to Applicant Request for Further Information19/09/2019468Kb
EPA Director s Decision - Confidential Information11/09/2019236Kb
EPA Inspectors Report re Confidential Information11/09/201940Kb
EPA Notification to Applicant Confidential Information11/09/2019111Kb
EPA Notification to Applicant Extension Request28/08/2019446Kb
EPA Notification to Applicant - Extension Request03/07/2019338Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant seeking to extend PD due date06/03/2019443Kb
EPA Submission Acknowledgement - P Sweetman29/01/2019179Kb
EPA Letter re Submittor re AA Screening Determination14/11/2018228Kb
EPA Submission Acknowledgement - HSE14/11/2018104Kb
EPA Submission Acknowledgement - IFI14/11/2018178Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant Re EDEN508/11/2018584Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant Re EDEN608/11/2018584Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - re AA Screening Determination24/10/2018246Kb
EPA Notification Regulation 1023/10/2018224Kb
EPA AA Screening Determination22/10/2018174Kb
EPA EIA Screening Determination22/10/2018116Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - Dept of Comms Climate Action and Env re Regulation 1511/10/2018180Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - Northern Ireland Env Agency re Regulation 1511/10/2018105Kb
EPA Sanitary Authority Notice10/10/2018770Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant27/09/201850Kb
EPA Letter to Local Authority Re Register27/09/201862Kb
EPA Letter to Local Authority Re Register - Register27/09/2018249Kb
EPA Letter to Planning Authority - Re Section 87 - S.87(1E)(a)27/09/2018116Kb
EPA Notification of Complete Application26/09/2018346Kb
EPA Specified Bodies Notification re. Application26/09/201895Kb