EPA Email to Uisce Eireann Licence Review22/05/2023495Kb
EPA Letter to Licensee - Initiated Review21/06/2022161Kb
EPA Letter to Licensee - Initiated Review - Outstanding Info21/06/2022143Kb
EPA D0034-01 Recommended Amendment - D02/12/2021235Kb
EPA D0034-01 Technical Amendment - D02/12/2021322Kb
EPA Director Decision02/12/2021308Kb
EPA Inspector Report02/12/20211007Kb
EPA Letter to Irish Water - 02.12.2102/12/2021311Kb
EPA D0034-01 Ringsend Examination Report09/11/2021411Kb
EPA Director Decision08/09/2021361Kb
EPA Clerical Amendment - C - Inspector Report06/09/2019538Kb
EPA Clerical Amendment - C - Programme Manager Decision06/09/2019215Kb
EPA Clerical Amendment - C - Recommended Licence Amendment06/09/2019212Kb
EPA Clerical Amendment - C04/09/2019226Kb
EPA Clerical Amendment - C - Letter to Licensee04/09/201989Kb
EPA Technical Amendment - B20/02/2018121Kb
EPA Technical Amendment - B - Director Decision20/02/201838Kb
EPA Technical Amendment - B - Letter to Licensee20/02/201847Kb
EPA Technical Amendment - B - Inspector Report13/02/2018269Kb
EPA Technical Amendment - B - Recommended Licence Amendment13/02/2018364Kb
EPA Technical Amendment - A16/12/2016210Kb
EPA Technical Amendment - A - Inspectors Report16/12/201688Kb
EPA Technical Amendment - A - Letter to Licensee16/12/2016126Kb
EPA Technical Amendment - A - Recommended Decision16/12/201681Kb
EPA Technical Amendment - A -Director Decision16/12/2016126Kb
EPA Letter to Irish Water - Proposed Technical Amendment28/09/2016759Kb
EPA Final Decision27/07/20101570Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Final Decision27/07/2010188Kb
EPA Letter to Third Party - Re Final Decision27/07/2010146Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - RE Final Decision27/07/2010379Kb
EPA Board Extract06/07/201093Kb
EPA Inspector’s Report - Addendum A06/07/201043760Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Regulation 20(5) Acknowledgement15/06/201066Kb
EPA Submission Acknowledgement19/03/201061Kb
EPA Submission Acknowledgement - No 419/03/201056Kb
EPA Submission Acknowledgement - No 305/03/201064Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Reg 20(2)(c) Request Approved10/11/200935Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Regulation 21(1) Notice Sent - No 213/10/2009187Kb
EPA Submission Acknowledgement - No 222/09/200963Kb
EPA Board Extract08/09/2009154Kb
EPA Inspector’s Report08/09/200954117Kb
EPA Recommended Decision08/09/20091617Kb
EPA Regulation 18(2) Acknowledgement16/07/200978Kb
EPA Regulation 20(5) Acknowledgement16/07/200983Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification16/06/20091598Kb
EPA Submission No 1 - Acknowledgement09/06/200960Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification - Re Marine Institute03/04/2009181Kb
EPA Regulation 20(1)(a) Notice27/11/2008221Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Re Regulation 18(3)(b) Response28/05/200866Kb
EPA Notification - Re Regulation 18(3)(b)19/03/2008465Kb
EPA Specified Body Notification15/02/2008812Kb