EPA Board Minute Extract19/03/2021524Kb
EPA Certificate of Authorisation19/03/20211492Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant19/03/202199Kb
EPA Technical Committee Report25/02/2021382Kb
EPA Representation Acknowledgement18/09/2020970Kb
EPA Inspector Report02/09/20201417Kb
EPA Director Decision01/09/202082Kb
EPA Draft Certificate of Authorisation01/09/20201414Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant01/09/2020100Kb
EPA Recommended Certificate of Authorisation01/09/2020579Kb
EPA Landfill - Reg 7(5) - Extension Notification - 111/05/2020269Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Appropriate Assessment Determination24/04/2020578Kb
EPA Regulation 7(4) Response - Acknowledgement21/04/2020473Kb
EPA Regulation 7(4) Response - Acknowledgement02/04/2020571Kb
EPA Regulation 7(4) Notice28/02/2020346Kb
EPA Letter to Applicant - Application Acknowledgement20/01/2020107Kb