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Applicant:Cork County Council Cork.
Location of Loading:The proposed loading area is indicated on the attached drawings. Digital shape files which describe the area are also supplied with this application under Attachment D2. The co-ordinates are also provided as tables in Attachment D.2.
Location of Disposal Site:WGS84 Datum (degrees, decimal mins) a) 51°43.00’ N -8°10.18’ W b) 51°43.00’ N -8°09.00’ W c) 51°44.50’ N -8°09.00’ W d) 51°44.50’ N -8°10.18’ W ITM (Eastings, Northings) a) 588,276mE 551,602mN b) 589,635mE 551,599mN c) 589,641mE 554,380mN d) 588,283mE 554,383mN The dump site, which is known as the Roche’s Point dump site, is approximately 8km from the existing shoreline. The dump site is well established and has been in use since 1978. The site was reduced in size in 1996 to the coordinates stated above, since when dumping has occurred in the smaller site. The dump site is the main dump site for all dredging activities in the vicinity of Cork Harbour. Digital shape files describing the extent and location of the dump site are also supplied with this application under Attachment E.2(II).
Description of Activity:The following activities are proposed under this application; Dredge an area adjacent to the main pier in Ballycotton Harbour to bedrock or to -6.07m OD Malin (-3.5m Chart Datum), whichever is shallowest; Dredge remainder of the harbour adjacent to the breakwater to bedrock or to -5.07m OD Malin (-2.5m Chart Datum) (whichever is shallowest); Disposal of suitable dredged materials at the previously used Dumping at Sea site South of Power Head, 16km southwest of Ballycotton; Disposal of contaminated dredged material to a suitably licenced landfill facility.
Application Date:27/08/2021
Permit Status:Granted
Permit Expiry Date:N/A

Decision Details

Proposed Decision issued date:N/A
Closing date for objections to Proposed Decision:N/A
Final Decision issued date: 4/10/2023


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