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Applicant:Iarnrod Eireann Wexford.
Location of Loading:The loading (dredge) areas are adjacent to Rosslare Port and consist of the Rosslare Europort Approach Channel, Inner Harbour area and Turning circle as well as a small boat harbour (Ballygeary Harbour), which lies approximately 600m west of Rosslare Europort. Refer to Appendix D.1 for drawings and maps of the proposed loading areas.
Location of Disposal Site:It is proposed to dispose of the fine silt material at the existing offshore dumpsite which is located approximately 6km northeast of Rosslare Europort. The coarse sand material will be re-used as beach nourishment at the proposed Beach Nourishment Site which is located off Rosslare Strand, approximately 2.5km northwest of Rosslare Europort. The proposed Beach Nourishment Site is an extension to the existing Beach Nourishment site to accommodate the additional volumes of the coarse sand material. Refer to Appendix E.1 (II) for drawings and maps of the proposed dumping site.
Description of Activity:This application relates to the maintenance dredging of the Approach Channel, Inner Harbour and Ballygeary Harbour at Rosslare Europort to remove accreted sediment and restore the charted depths. It is proposed that up to 250,000m3 of coarse sand from the Rosslare Europort Harbour Approach Channel and Outer Breakwater and up to 290,000m3 of fine (unconsolidated) silt-clay material from the Rosslare Europort Inner Harbour, Approach Channel/Turning Circle and Small Boat Harbour (Ballygeary Harbour) will be dredged over the course of the new permit application which will last for 5 years. This material will be dredged over biennial campaigns as required, with a maximum of 125,000m3 coarse sand and 140,000m3 fine silt-clay material being dredged per campaign. The majority of the material is expected to be dredged using a trailer suction hopper dredger and a backhoe dredger will be used around pier structures (where required) and the small boat harbour where the draft is shallow. The coarse sand dredged under future campaigns, which does not form part of this application (see Foreshore Licence Application FS007219), will be re-used as beach nourishment at Rosslare Strand while the fine silt-clay material will be disposed of in the off-shore dumpsite. The exact quantities and the Page 11 of 30 nature of the material to be dredged in each campaign will not exceed the maximum specified limits and will be determined by the extent of sediment accumulation and the available budgets at the time.
Application Date:21/01/2022
Permit Status:Granted
Permit Expiry Date:N/A

Decision Details

Proposed Decision issued date:N/A
Closing date for objections to Proposed Decision:N/A
Final Decision issued date: 12/10/2023


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